Life-long weight loss

Do you want to lose weight? Without surgery, diets or the dreaded yo-yo effect? With the Weight Doctors specialists, you’re in the right hands. We offer a variety of highly effective, medically safe and proven methods to lose weight for the long term.

Long-lasting weight loss without surgery. Only with the Weight Doctors.

Many people find it difficult to find a balanced relationship between diet and exercise. In most cases, a lack of exercise and an unbalanced diet occur unconsciously. This leads to weight gain, unhappiness with oneself and a decreased quality of life. This often happens gradually over many years, and only at a very late stage does it become noticed.

Lose weight for life with the Weight Doctors without dieting or the yo-yo effect.

Weight Doctors help you restore your balance without the need for restrictive diets or risky surgery. We offer gentle and minimally invasive methods for temporary and permanent stomach reduction. For example, with an intragastric balloon or the pose® procedure, your food portions can be reduced in a natural way. Seeing the positive changes to your body will increase your motivation to continue to work on your goals,  ultimately leading to long lasting weight loss and the best possible results. Weight Doctors also offers individual nutritional coaching and personal exercise programs to complement our medical treatments.

Do you want to become slimmer and stay that way forever? Get in contact with us!

Are you suffering from excess weight and would like to know more about which Weight Doctors solution is right for you? Get in touch with us now. Our initial consultation is always free of change – no matter whether you want to visit us personally or contact us by phone, via WhatsApp or video chat.

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We offer the following treatments for long-lasting weight loss with the Weight Doctors:

Stomach reduction for 1 full year by means of a Spatz3 Adjustable Intragastric Balloon

Stomach reduction for 6 months by means of an Intragastric Balloon


How do I book a consultation with a Weight Doctors specialist?

We offer various ways for you to book a free initial consultation with the Weight Doctors. On our online booking portal, you can select an appointment time that suits your schedule. We also invite you to book a consultation with us via telephone, email, live chat or WhatsApp – the choice is yours.

Your consultation with Weight Doctors and any subsequent medical education sessions can take place in person at one of our clinics, via video call or on the phone. We are flexible and happy to adapt to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why should I book a treatment with the Weight Doctors?

Our team consists of Germany’s most experienced specialist doctors and qualified medical staff on the subject of sustainable weight loss. We are a passionate team who bring years of experience working together to guide patients on their weight loss journey.

How does the pre- and post-treatment care at Weight Doctors take place?

Depending on the treatment you have chosen, our team are available in person, over telephone, via email or WhatsApp both pre- and post-treatment. We keep in regular contact to ensure your wellbeing throughout your treatment journey.

Why should I opt for an endoscopic treatment?

Endoscopic treatments have a decisive advantage: they are minimally invasive and therefore leave no permanent traces. This means no incisions, no scars and your weight loss journey begins from the very first day. At Weight Doctors you are in the very best hands to finally start losing body weight effectively and for the long term!

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